About KCB

KC prides himself on being friendly and approachable, and it’s not unusual to find his Labrador, Roxy, tagging along to client meetings! He’d much rather have a meeting out and about on a farm or over a coffee than in a stuffy office, which is all part of his personal approach to a more human style of law practice.

In his early life — K. Christopher Branch’s career began in the legal services business in 1978 when he had the opportunity to intern, at a prominent litigation law firm while attending Loyola High School in Los Angeles. During and after attending the University of Southern California where he graduated with a degree in International Economics, KC worked in the Reagan Administration with the US Trade Representative and the Office of Management and Budget on trade in services and counterfeit goods legislation.

In the '80s — he helped create the Results System for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, working with Sports Federations, Architects, Technologists, and Volunteers as a Consultant with Ernst and Whinney (Now Ernst & Young). After graduation from Loyola Law School in 1987 -- KC litigated cases involving insurance coverage, real estate, trademarks & patents, business, corporations, torts, tax in federal and state court, obtaining a key knowledge of the procedures required to be successful.

Starting in the 90's — KC founded the KC Branch Firm which has consistently provided legal services in the the nature of transactions/financial matters/contracts/IP, litigation, and administrative matters to entities involved in specific industries: food, wine & spirits; automobile parts; education and high tech. He also provides insurance coverage and litigation services to other industries. As an AV Rated lawyer since 2003, he serves as an expert witness and a consultant to lawyers, investors, and insurers - primarily in the field of beverage alcohol.

Contributing to the community remains an important part of KC’s personal values and the values of the company. He represents 501(c) (3) organizations as counselor and adviser, as well as actively schools wine professionals, lawyers and students at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles (Adjunct Professor of Wine Law), regional wine forums, local colleges & major wine universities in the US and Europe.

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