About KCB

As a lawyer specializing in the wine and spirits industry, K. Christopher Branch has represented hundreds of suppliers, distributors and retailers (plus vendors and consultants) in the beverage alcohol industry from all over the world in his own practice..

His has spanned over 30 years in trial, regulatory, and transactional matters, including interstate and international trade. He has been the key legal officer in multiple start/ups and mergers/acquisitions of brewery’s, wineries, distilleries and retail hospitality entities, always mindful of the restrictions created by the 3 tier system. He prides himself on his innate ability to structure both new and existing companies and to strategically determine the right fit for acquisitions and the right time for spinoffs. A major portion of his practice is devoted to sales, marketing, and trade practice requirements proffered by the federal and individual state governments. He actively teaches professionals & students at regional wine forums, local colleges & major wine universities in France & California. He currently serves as the American Bar Association as a Committee Chair of the GPS International Committee, the GPS Agricultural Committee, and the Assistant Chair of the Business Law and Litigation Committee, Subcommittee on Alcohol and Cannabis.

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