In the KC Branch's firm ordinary practice, we find ourselves clicking on these links nearly every day. We put them here so that you can benefit from having them all in one place as well.
Happy exploring!

  • Trademark Search
    If you want to check if someone has trademarked a name, go to this page. Remember, trademarks are generally unique to a class of goods or industry. Sometimes marks spread across more than one industry if they are famous (ie: Coca Cola). Even though Coca Cola is not registered in every class, they have rights in every class. If you want to do a search in the wine industry, use advanced search or international class 33 and the name for looking up. The default is "or" and you need to change it to "and."
  • ABC E-Services
    On this page, you can look up information about any entity with an alcohol beverage license in California. It tells you the type of license, location and type of entity.
  • ABC ACT and Related Statutes
    California ABC rules and regulations.
  • COLA Search
    This is where you can look at certificates of label approval for every bottle of alcohol. Note that you can only do searches with date ranges of 5 years. This includes labels that were approved for use but were never actually used.
  • TTB Permits
    This is where you need to go to apply for a federal basic permit to sell alcohol.
  • Business Search
    This is where you can look up information about California corporations and LLCs.
  • Frequently Requested FOIA Documents
    This is a listing of all entities who have a Federal Basic Permit to manufacture or distribute Alcoholic Beverages.