Different spirits have their own specific details and regulations.

  • Gin
    In our Gin Law practice, the KC Branch Firm works to ensure the artisinal quality of our clients' gin by verifying the organic nature of the juniper berries as well as the aromatics used in the distillation, to the extent represented by the labels. We can also help interpret whether the product qualifies as distilled, re-distilled, or compounded. Plus, we advise bars on the legal definitions of various cocktails containing gin such Martinis, Gimlets and Tom Collins.
  • Rum
    In our Rum Law practice, the KC Branch Firm advises rum manufacturers, distributors, retailers and importers whether their distilled spirit qualifies as rum (which must be distilled from "fermented juice of sugar cane, sugar cane syrup, sugar cane molasses, or other sugar cane by-products") make determinations as to the allowable amounts of harmless coloring, flavoring, and/or blending materials.
  • Vodka
    In our Vodka Law practice, the KC Branch Firm interprets the Trade and Tobacco Bureau rules to ensure proposed products meet the rules, including the alcoholic beverage product can be defined as a "vodka" (i.e. a neutral spirit lacking character, aroma, taste, or color distilled or treated, with, inter-alia, charcoal) & that production, labels, and trade practices correspond with the business model as well as state & federal law.
  • Scotch
    In our Scotch Law practice, the KC Branch Firms works with importers, wholesalers and retailers of Scotch (an alcoholic beverage manufactured in Scotland under the laws of the United Kingdom). We advise on the rulesand regulations for the import, storage and trade sale practices of this age old drink from Scotland.
  • Liqueur
    In our Liqueur Law practice, the KC Branch Firm works with suppliers, wholesalers and retailers of liqueurs, cordials & flavored spirits that contain more than 2.5% or more sugar to ensure labeling, record keeping, menu and trade practice requirements.
  • Whiskey
    In our Whiskey Law and Whisky Law Practice, the KC Branch Firm counsels importers, suppliers, wholesalers and retailers in the whiskey trade by advising them on the various production methods & their respective qualifications (as well as appropriate labeling) for different kinds of whiskey, whether they originate in the United States or in other countries such as Ireland. We also advise on-sale retailers on the Federal and State government standards for the famous "Whiskey Sour."
  • Bourbon
    In our Bourbon Law practice, the KC Branch Firm works to ensure that the alcoholic beverages labeled as bourbon whiskey, straight bourbon whiskey, straight whiskey distilled from bourbon mash, blended bourbon whiskey with other bourbons or other whiskeys sold by our clients meet the standards set forth by the Federal government and are sold in accord with State and Federal trade practices. We also really understand how to make a Bourbon & Branch!
  • Tequila
    In our Tequila Law practice, the KC Branch Firms works with members of the Tequila Regulatory Council & prepares Certificates of Conformity / Authenticity for Export of Tequila, conforming to the obligations under the January 17, 2006 Tequila Agreement between the United States & Mexico to ensure that all tequila production occurs in Mexico & no "production," interpreted in the broadest sense, occurs in the US, even though it is bottled in the US. We work with the USDA to obtain organic status for crops in Mexico.
  • Pisco
    In our Pisco Law Practice, the KC Branch Firm works with importers of Pisco to be sure that the labels affixed properly authenticate the country of origin and that its clients utilize the proper formulas to add harmless coloring/flavoring/blending materials in the U.S.
    In our sparkling winelaw practice, the KC Branch Firms works with wineries to establish their own m├ęthode traditionnelle facilities as well as negotiate with third party facilities who can either create the sparkling wine from California grapes, or in the alternative simply add the dosage and provide secondary fermentation facilities.
  • Champagne
    In our Champagne law practice, the KC Branch Firm works with importers, owners and sellers of boutique and large house vintage champagne from France. We counsel on COLAS, customs clearing & sales to wholesalers, retailers and consumers in the United States as well as obtaining available permits and licenses.
  • Sake
    In our Sake law practice, the KC Branch Firm works with importers, manufacturers, and distributors of Sake/Rice Wine. The KC Branch Firm advises on the production requirements for this wine that must be made from rice at a brewery as well as the dichotomy of sake being classified as a beer for some purposes and a wine for other purposes.