Food, Wine & Spirits Law

The food, wine and spirits (and beer!) industry is highly regulated and requires specialized knowledge.

We understand the multiple perspectives and advise members of the wine & spirits community, including growers/wineries (see, distilleries, distributors, retailers, third party marketers, and vendors. We work closely with the California ABC, The Alcohol Trade and Tobacco Bureau (TTB), and other state ABC's and Federal Agencies to ensure our Industry Clients comply with regulations.

When our clients find themselves being audited or being questioned by the Regulators, we defend our client’s position and remain ready willing and able to defend them in administrative law and civil law forums. We also work with Industry Members and their Industry Representatives such as Family Winemakers of California and the Wine Institute to streamline and simplify the regulations to make it easier for food, wine and spirits (and beer!) companies to compete with each other and less regulated industries.

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